About Dmitry Demsky

Born in 1976 in Ufa, Russia. He attended drawing classes at the Ufa Art School (1988-1990). In the 1990s, he lived in Israel. In 2004, he graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan, Italy). In 2010, he returned to Israel.

Awards: the BP Global Award, Helios Art Award, Brera, Milan, for his work “The movement” (2003).

Selected personal exhibitions: “Grotesque”, the Colosseum, Haifa (1999); “The Russian impressionist”, the Planet Vivid Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2007); the “Arte Contemporanea e Dintorni” Gallery, Como, Italy (2006-2009).

Selected group exhibitions: BP, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology, Milan (2003); the Barcon Gallery, Milan (2004-2005), the Art Fair, Como, Italy (2008); “Evolving Abstraction”, the Agora Gallery, New York (2014); “20 Years Later”, the Central Artists House, Moscow (2014); “25 Twenty”, a travelling exhibition, Israel (2015).